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CDC Calculates Hundreds of Thousands of American Deaths Could Be Prevented Each Year

The CDC has calculated, “If all Americans had equal access to the best preventive care currently available somewhere in the country, roughly 20% to 40% of premature deaths from the five leading causes of death could be avoided,” the Los Angeles Times reports. The CDC looked at how many Americans died of heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke and accidents in areas with the best preventative care and compared this number to the actual number of deaths. The difference was considered the number of deaths that could have been prevented. “Put another way, if all of the states had mortality rates as low as they are in the ideal states, about 34% of heart disease deaths, 21% of cancer deaths, 39% of respiratory disease deaths, 33% of stroke deaths and 39% of deaths due to accidents could be avoided.”

Read it in the Los Angeles Times.