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Cardiac Implant Linked to Risk of Blood Clot Development

The New York Times reports that new research published in NEJM has shown that a high-tech cardiac implant may increase the risk of blood clots. The results found that the incidence of blood clots in patients who had the HeartMate II, manufactured by Thoratec Corp., was nearly four times that of patients who got the device in 2011. The HeartMate II is a “left ventricular assist device and it contains a pump that continuously pushes blood through the heart” for use in patients with late-stage heart failure. Researchers believe that the increased incidence of clots is due to a manufactural change, whether it was intentional or not. The FDA is now reviewing the study’s findings to determine the safety of the HeartMate II.

Read it in The New York Times.

Read the study in NEJM.