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Bystander CPR Doubles the Rate of Survival for Patients

According to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, bystander CPR can increase a patient’s rate of survival from 4% to 10.5% after at least thirty days, reports Reuters. While earlier research doubted the efficacy of bystander CPR, these new results supported the life-saving potential of CPR, particularly when CPR was initiated in under three minutes after cardiac arrest, generating a 21.6% survival rate. In response to these results, a new study tested a cell-phone alert system that alerted trained bystanders within 500 meters of a collapsed individual in need of CPR. For these patients, over 60% received CPR before EMS arrival compared to the 48% who did without the alert system. The size of the second study did not provide a strong enough correlation between CPR rates and survival rates but offers an important subject for future study.


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