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Blood Pressure Even Slightly Higher Than ‘Normal’ Linked to Stroke

It has been shown that high blood pressure is associated with increased risk of stroke, but a new study shows that having a blood pressure even slightly higher than normal can increase risk of stroke, The Huffington Post reports. The finding is based on a study in Neurology which was a meta-analysis of 19 cohort studies and 762,393 subjects for prehypertension and stroke. Researchers found that “prehypertension — meaning a blood pressure higher than the “normal” reading of 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mmHg), but not high enough to indicate hypertension — is associated with a 66 percent higher risk of stroke.” Experts say that treatment of people with prehypertension “can prevent many strokes and make a major difference in public health.”

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Read the study in Neurology.