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Belly-Fat and Processed Food May Cause Kidney Disease

Cutting belly fat and lowering the intake of processed food may help reduce the risk of kidney diseaseThe Huffington Post reports. The finding was based on a study published in the American Journal of Kidney Disease that included 481 patients who were part of the PREMIER study, an interventional study aimed to lower blood pressure through behavioral modification. The study examined belly fat, phosphorus intake because it is found in processed foods, weight loss and protein in the urine of patients. The findings showed that “six months later, decreases in belly fat and decreases in excretion of phosphorus were each independently associated with decreases in protein in urine,” a known early bioindicator of kidney disease. The article states, “the best takeaway from the findings is to generally cut back on processed foods.”

Read it in The Huffington Post.

Read the study in American Journal of Kidney Disease.