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ASC Enriched Fat Grafts Show Higher Retention in Autologous Transplantation

Enriching transplanted fat with stem cells could improve retention of fat tissue transplantation, Bloomberg News reports. The findings come from a study in The Lancet that examined 13 participants who underwent autologous fat transplantation. Two liposuctions were performed, one of which extruded the patient’s adipose-derived stem cells (ASC) and the other which extruded the fat for transplantation. Half of the fat transplantation tissue was injected with ASC and then this infused tissue or the control tissue was injected subcutaneously in the right or left arm. Results showed that grafts enriched with ASC had a 64.6% larger volume than control tissue after the procedure. The findings suggest important surgical technique for autologous fat transplantation, an important technique for breast reconstruction following mastectomies.

Read the article published by Bloomberg News.

Read the study in The Lancet.