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Are You a Procrastinator? Your Genes May Be to Blame

The Los Angeles Times reports on a new study in Psychological Science that explains that impulsiveness and procrastination may not only be tied to each other, but also to genetics. Researchers looked at 347 same-sex twins — 181 of them were identical and 166 of them were fraternal — to determine whether impulsiveness and procrastination were inherited traits. They asked about participants’ inclination to speak before thinking, their ability to resist temptations, and other behaviors. They found that inheritance accounted for 46% of the probability of procrastinating, 49% of the probability of being impulsive and that the link between impulsiveness and procrastination was explained 100% by genetics. Researchers explain that these genes were selected for because evolutionarily, putting off long term goals to ensure feeding and surviving benefited the organism.

Read it in the Los Angeles Times.

Read the study in Psychological Science.