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Are High Radiation Imaging Tests Always Necessary?

According to CBS News, a report published by Consumer Reports claims that high radiation tests such as x-rays and CT scans are being done too often and unnecessarily. Today, approximately 80 million CT scans are performed annually in the US, compared to 3 million in 1980. The report claims that as many as one third of these tests are not necessary, and doctors are often unaware that CT scans can be linked to cancer. Additionally, unnecessary CT scans will cause around 29,000 future cancer cases, and 15,000 cancer deaths. Doctors may request CT scans due to financial incentives or for fear of being sued for not treating a patient properly. However, many times an MRI may actually work just as well without exposing the patient to any harmful radiation.

Read the article published by CBS News.

Read the report published by Consumer Reports.