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A Woman in Pain Shows Decreased Sexual Desire

A new study in Neuroscience suggests that when a female is in pain she is much less likely to want to have sex, the Los Angeles Times reports. Researchers matched up male/female mating pairs and injected either the male or the female with an inflammatory agent in a number of different bodily sights. They then placed the mating pair in a cage, allowing them either to engage in sex or to avoid each other. Researchers found that the pain agent did not affect male libido, even when the pain occurred in the genitals. However, “pain made a female mouse significantly less receptive to mating irrespective of where the hurt was: in the cheek, tail, hind legs or genitals.” Additionally, when females were injected with the analgesic pregabalin, Lyrica, those in pain had their libido restored.

Read it in the Los Angeles Times.

Read the study in Neuroscience.