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A Novel Solution for Developing New Antibiotic Drugs

Despite “superbugs” becoming more resistant to antibiotics and posing an even greater threat to our health, the number of antibiotics coming to market is declining significantly, according to a New York Times op-ed. Due to the lower profit margin on antibiotic drugs, many pharmaceutical companies are cutting off funding to antibiotic research, allocating the money towards more profitable drugs like statins and antihypertensives. While the U.S. government’s efforts have shown some success, antibiotic drug production is still lagging far behind where it needs to be. Using a different approach in collaboration with the European Union and Japan, the U.S. government is taking note of the success of the XPrize Foundation, offering a $2 billion annual payment for researchers who are able to develop new antibiotic class drugs and earn FDA approval.

Read the article published by The New York Times.