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Latest in Pediatrics

The Center for Disease Control Amends its Recommendation for Childhood Influenza Vaccination

Influenza Poses a Risk to Both Children and Elderly

Dr. Danielle Zerr at Seattle Children's Hospital discusses the CDC’s latest recommendation for childhood flu shots. References and Resources Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine Children and the Flu Vaccine For more information on this physician, visit:

Protecting Children from Infection

Containing Rotavirus

Dr. Danielle Zerr, MD, MPH, co-chair of the Infection Control Committee at the University of Washington, talks about the threat that rotavirus poses to children and the need for careful containment of the virus at Seattle Children's Hospital. References and Resources Parashar, U., et al. Rotavirus...
Dr. Danielle Zerr, MD, MPH speaks to the unique challenges of working with a pediatric population, and urges better training of pediatric healthcare providers to help them understand the needs of their patients. References and Resources American Academy of Pediatrics For more information on...