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Latest in Pain Management

Treatment of acute and chronic pain

Interventional Pain Management

David Kloth, MD, is the Founder, President and Medical Director of Connecticut Pain Care, P.C., a pain management center for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. He discusses interventional pain management, who should practice and the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians’ certification...
DMC pain management Specialists Drs. Renee Baugh and Mohamed Othman work to help patients manage and minimize pain, and restore a more satisfying lifestyle. ~ Detroit Medical Center Submitted by Detroit Medical Center

Low back pain relief

NSAIDs vs Aspirin

NSAIDs for low-back pain are the most frequently prescribed medications worldwide and are commonly used for treating low-back pain. This review found 65 studies of mixed methodological quality that compared various NSAIDs with placebo, other drugs, other therapies and with other NSAIDs. The research...