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Happy Everything from The Doctor's Channel

Have a "Sonny" Holiday and "Cher" the Joy

Enjoy the new 2010 edition of our annual Video Holiday Card. Season's Greetings and may the best of this year be the worst of next! Become a member of The Doctor's Channel today. Go to: Sponsored by The Doctor's...

Norwegian Cruise Lines - Gem Cruise Ship

Norwegian Cruise Lines – Freestyle Cruising

Norwegian Cruise Lines' freestyle cruising offers a unique cruising experience with no set times, lines and or worries. For more information on Norwegian Cruise Lines, please visit:
Koules, the Venetian "Fortress at Sea" and The Loggia are two wonderful sites to see when visiting Crete, Greece. This a Venetian-era fortress at the entrance to the Old Port of Heraklion, Crete, Greece. The Loggia is a club of Venetian nobility, with wonderful architecture and...

A magnificent Russian Orthodox cathedral in St. Petersburg

St. Isaacs’s Cathedral – St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Isaacs's Cathedral is the largest cathedral in all St. Petersburg. It is dedicated to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, a patron saint of Peter the Great. The artwork and mosaics are magnificent and definitely worth seeing. For more information on St. Isaacs's Cathedral, please visit:...
ilias LALAoUNIS offers handcrafted Greek jewelry. Every piece has a story to tell. For more information on ilias LALAoUNIS, please visit:

Different sites to see in Old Mount Pleasant

Old Mount Pleasant Sites to See – Old Mount Pleasant, SC

Old Mount Pleasant, SC offers various different local sites that you just cant miss. From the view at the New Cooper River Bridge, to local cuisine at The Wreck, to the park at Sullivan's Island, Old Mount Pleasant offers something for everybody.

An interesting museum in the heart of Crete

Archaeological Museum of Heraklion – Crete, Greece

The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is considered one of the best museums in all of Crete. Be sure to check out the various frescos, as well as other ancient Greek and Roman artifacts. For more information on The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, please visit:...

Delicious traditional Venetian cuisine

Osteria Oliva Nera – Venice, Italy

Osteria Oliva Nera offers delicious traditional Venetian cuisine that you cannot afford to miss. Be sure to try the calves liver with sauteed onions. For more information on Osteria Oliva Nera, please visit:...

A beautiful outdoor theatre in Greece

Cinema Manto – Mykonos, Greece

Cinema Manto allows visitors to experience watching Greek and American movies, under the stars, in Mykonos, Greece. For more information on Cinema Manto, please visit:...

Interesting new footwear

Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers are the newest type of footwear to hit the market. Not only are the extremely stylish, but they are also functional as well. For more information on Vibram Five Fingers, please visit:...