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The Newest megahit on Broadway

The Book of Mormon – New York, NY

"The Book of Mormon" is the newest megahit on Broadway. It is a religious satire musical set in the present, written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone (Creators of South Park), and Robert Lopez. According to the New York Post, the show "tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries sent off to spread the word...

The place to go to learn about Eva Per

Evita Museum – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Evita Museum offers incredible insight into the life of Argentina's First Lady, Eva Perón. For more information on the Evita Museum, please visit:...

A delicious cafe in the heart of Buenos Aires

La Biela – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visit La Biela for a delicious lunch, or even just a coffee, in the heart of Buenos Aires, overlooking La Recoleta Cemetery. For more information on La Biela, please visit:

A beautiful section of Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Puerto Madero is a beautiful section of Buenos Aires, with many different sites to take in and enjoy on a relaxing afternoon. For more information on Puerto Madero, please visit:...

A delicious local dish

Provoleta – Pilar, Argentina

Provoleta is a local Argentinean dish made from provolone cheese and flour and cooked on a grill. Our very own Dr. David calls it a little slice of heaven. To make your own provoleta, check out The Food...

A beautiful hotel in a stunning locale

Hotel das Cataratas – Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Hotel das Cataratas offers incredible accommodations in a stunning locale. If you listen carefully out your window, you can hear the roar of the falls and the singing of the birds. For more information on Hotel das Cataratas, please visit:...

Remarkable panoramic views of the falls

Grand Diablo – Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Iguazu Falls offers incredible panoramic views that rival some of the most remarkable waterfalls in the world. For more information on Iguazu Falls, please visit:...

The beautiful Greek Islands

Oia – Santorini, Greece

Oia, the westernmost part of the island of Santorini, is famous for its unobstructed views of the sunsetting. For more information on Oia, please visit:...

Happy Valentine's Day from The Doctor's Channel

A Valentine for all "Four Seasons"

May you have a Valentine for all "Four Seasons"! Love, David, Michael, Elvis and Your Secret Admirers at The Doctor's Channel To watch more video Valentines from The Doctor's Channel, please click below: Valentine's Day 2010Valentine's Day 2009Valentine's Day 2008 Sponsored by The Doctor's...

Happy Everything from The Doctor's Channel

Have a "Sonny" Holiday and "Cher" the Joy

Enjoy the new 2010 edition of our annual Video Holiday Card. Season's Greetings and may the best of this year be the worst of next! Become a member of The Doctor's Channel today. Go to: Sponsored by The Doctor's...