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The Truth About Generic Drugs

The use of generic drugs in place of their brand name counterparts could save the healthcare system and American consumers billions of dollars but many still hesitate to use these generics, Harvard Health Publications reports. “Up to half of physicians hold negative perceptions about generic drugs. And a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that about 4 in 10 doctors sometimes or often prescribe a brand-name drug just because their patients ask for it.” Though it’s difficult to resist a push from a patient, doctors should try to explain to their patients that generic forms of drugs require that the drug contain the same active ingredients as the brand-name drug, be identical in strength, dosage form, and administration, work the same way in the body, meet the same standards for identity, strength, purity, and quality be made by the same rules the FDA has set for the brand-name drug.

Read the article in Harvard Health Publications.