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Pfizer Reduces Vaccine Price for Poor Countries

US based pharmaceutical company Pfizer plans on reducing the price of Prevnar 13, its pneumococcal vaccine, by 6 percent down to $3.10 in poor countries, Reuters reports. This comes as part of the company’s commitment to the GAVI global vaccines alliance, a program aimed at funding immunizations in countries that cannot afford standard drug pricing. This strategic moves comes at a time when Pfizer is hoping to raise $7.5 billion from donors to further the deployment of vaccines in third world countries between 2016 and 2020. A GAVI Chief Executive said he believes enough money will be raised to deliver vaccines to another 300 million children all over the world. Pfizer has agreed to extend their low price commitment to 2025, even in countries that become too wealthy to be eligible for GAVI help.

Read the article published by Reuters.