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On The Ground in Haiti – Tents, Tarps & Tablets

Dr. Pierre Rouzier Reports

Get a real-life look at what’s happening on the ground in Haiti from Dr. Pierre Rouzier, Sports Medicine doctor at University of Massachusetts Amherst. In the aftermath of the earthquake, Dr. Rouzier volunteered his time and traveled with Worldwide Village to Haiti to treat patients and bring supplies to the survivors.

In this report, Dr. Rouzier interviews two Haitian interpreters who work at the medical clinic in Leogane. The interpreters describe the urgent need for supplies such as tents, tarps and water purification tablets. They also make clear the need for controlled distribution of such aid, to ensure that it actually gets to the its intended recipients.

To volunteer your time and expertise in Haiti, to make a donation, or for more information, visit Worldwide Village or InterVol.

Photos courtesy of Paul Gerstein, MD.

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