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Obese Mothers Likely to Give Birth to Babies With More Belly Fat

Reuters reports on new research that has shown that obese mothers are more likely to give birth to babies with more belly fat. The findings, based on a study in Acta Paediatrica, were a result of studying 231 obese and 80 normal weight mothers. “The researchers found that infants born to obese mothers were on average more than 6 ounces heavier at birth with 2.5 percent more body fat than infants whose mothers were of a healthy weight. What’s more, babies born to obese mothers had about half an ounce more fat around their bellies.” Additonally, babies whose mothers gained more weight during pregnancy were born with more fat, regardless of the mothers’ pre-pregnancy weight.

Read the article published by Reuters.

Read the study in Acta Paediatrica.