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The 8 Nutrients You Need to Protect Your Eyesight

According to CBS News, there are a number of nutrients known to be good for the eyes, and some might even improve your eyesight. Astaxanthin, commonly found in seaweed and wild salmon can help prevent cataracts, blindness and macular degeneration. Killing two birds with one stone, fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids which also protects against macular degeneration as well as dry eyes. For cornea health, some blueberries and black currants high in anthocyanins are a tasty addition to your diet, not to mention the protection they offer from cataracts as well. Including some dark colored greens like kale, broccoli and spinach is yet another way to protect against macular degeneration. To complete your meal, add some organic eggs, high in lutein to give your eyesight an extra boost. For the most eye opening breakfast experience, how about a poached organic egg sandwich with sliced lox, seaweed salad and perhaps some yogurt and berries to top it off.

View the slideshow created by CBS News.