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Gen-X More Likely to Be Overweight and Unhealthy Than Baby Boomers

A new study published in PLoS One has found individuals born in later generations may prove to be more unhealthy and difficult to take care of in their late age than their earlier generation counterparts, Bloomberg News reports. Researchers used a National Health survey to compare people born from 1966-1980 (generation X) to those born from 1946-1965 (Baby Boomers). Results showed that within generation X the “prevalence of obesity was about 50 percent higher than recorded for Baby Boomers at the same age.” For males, the trend also corresponded to incidence of diabetes. The authors say that the results “add to evidence suggesting that successive generations are developing obesity and related chronic conditions earlier in life.”

Read the article published by Bloomberg News.

Read the study in PLoS One.