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Can Having a Car or TV Increase Your Risk for Obesity, Diabetes?

The Los Angeles Times reports that, according to a study published in CMAJ, owning a car or a television, especially if one lives in a low-income country, can dramatically increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Researchers “analyzed data from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological Study which tracks 153,996 people in 17 countries that represent a range of economic conditions” for the presence of a TV or car in their home and for their BMI. They found that “overall, owning a TV was associated with a 39% greater risk of obesity and a 33% increased risk of diabetes, on average” but that this correlation was especially significant in low-income countries where “owning one [device] was linked with a 43% increased risk of obesity and a 38% increased risk of diabetes. Owning two devices raised the obesity risk to 58% and the diabetes risk to 43%.”

Read it in the Los Angeles Times.

Read the study in CMAJ.