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Can Growing Up With Pets Reduce Chance of Allergies and Asthma?

An article in Time reports on findings from a new study that might explain why “kids who grow up with a pet, like a dog or cast, or live on a farm with plenty of livestock are less likely to develop asthma or allergies.” Researchers found that mice who were exposed to dust from a dog owner’s home and then doused with two asthma-related allergens had much lower inflammation in their airways than mice who were exposed to dust from a pet-free home and then doused with the same allergens. A bacteria called Lactobacillus johnsonii “was very prominent in the guts of the mice who lived with dog-related dust,” and “When the researchers gave a live form of the bacteria to the mice that had not been exposed to dog dust, they found that the animals developed similar protection against allergens that the dust-exposed mice had.”

Read it in Time.