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Binge eating disorder (BED) is defined by eating large amounts and feeling a loss of self-control when eating. The most common eating disorder, binge eating affects roughly 3 percent of the United States. Objectives of this program include describing the characteristics and comorbidities associated with binge eating, application of the newly revised DSM-5 criteria, effectively diagnosing the disorder, and assessing the use of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy as effective treatment options.

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2014 Ebola Outbreak

According to CBS News, a vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus may be ready for medical trials in Africa as early as January 2015. Dr. Marie Paule Kieny, WHO assistant director general said clinical trials are planned or underway in Africa, Europe, and the US, and should yield safety data by December. Vaccines include the NIH developed GlaxoSmithKline serum, and the Public Health Agency of Canada‘s VSV-EBOV. Until now, no budget or financial incentive existed to fund the development of a vaccine for the virus, which according to NIH Director Francis Collins would have been created a decade ago if it weren’t for budget cuts.

Read the article published by CBS News.

Ebola in the US

According to The New York Times, the CDC issued new guidelines for healthcare workers in contact with Ebola patients. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said the new guidelines are based on the protocols use by Doctors Without Borders. Changes include leaving no skin uncovered, and replacing ordinary clothes and shoes with waterproof fabric and boots. In addition, workers will also be supervised when putting on and taking off equipment to ensure that mistakes are not made.

Read it in The New York Times.



Though its primary usage is for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Viagra was originally created to treat heart disease, which it does safely, CBS News says. According to a study published in BMC Medicine, the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5i) compound found in Viagra has been shown to improve and strengthen heart function. Researchers in the study concluded that for individuals with heart disease, taking Viagra on a daily basis could help improve cardiac output and lower heart rate. The result of these findings: longevity, increased exercise tolerance, and better quality of life.

Read the article published by CBS News.

Read the study published in BMC Medicine.

Treating Obesity

According to Reuters, Novo Nordisk is gearing up for FDA approval of its obesity drug, Saxenda, later this year. Over one-third of Americans today are obese, paving the way for an estimated $1.5 billion in peak sales for the new drug. The FDA has set a goal of processing requests for approval within 10 months of the submission date which, for Saxenda, passed on Oct. 20. Despite the FDA’s silence, analysts are confident that the drug will receive its approval in time for a 2015 launch.

Read the article published by Reuters.